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Minimum System Requirements

  • PC - Pentium II equivalent processor and a speed of at least 450 MHz. (500+ MHz recommended)

  • 64 megabytes of RAM (128 recommended) and 600-700MB of available hard drive space

  • Video card with 8MB of video memory (16MB or better is suggested)

  • Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 (with DirectX 7 or 8 installed)

  • Monitor resolution of at least 800 x 600

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Title: Sore Losers
Year: 1999
Description: Hot rod juvenile delinquents and amazons from outer space have come to Memphis to kill Hippies!  ("1st Place Feature" at 1997 Central Florida Film Festival)  
Price: $2.95 for a 5-day Rental
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Windows Only


Title: The Strangers
Year: 1998
Description: Trent and Jade. The perfect couple. Beatiful, passionate...cursed.  But, when Trent discovers her dark secret the marriage ends in a bloody battle to the death...her body (or so it seems) - and his immortal soul.
Price: $2.95 for a 5-day Rental
"Download and Watch Now" - Windows Only


Witchcraft X cover art

Title: Witchcraft X - Mistress of the Craft
Year: 1999
Description: For over a year, Celeste Sheridan, a powerful witch, has been hunting Raven and her cult of exotic, but deadly, vampires. Detective Lucy Lutz of the LAPD arrives in London, she has extradition orders to escort a Satanist serial killer, Hyde, back to California. But Raven has other plans...
Price: $2.95 for a 5-day Rental


Title:  Witchcraft XI - Sisters In Blood
Year: 2000
Description: Things are not as they seem at Saint Sebastian College.  When drama student Colleen is cast alongside her friends Keri and Marie as one of the three witches in "Macbeth" she has no idea of the nightmare that awaits her. 
Price: $2.95 for a 5-day Rental
"Download and Watch Now" - Windows Only

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